ANDROID: How to use your Candle for Home Automation.

All you need is 3 apps:


- TASKER: $3.49


STEP 1) Install/Setup Smarthings

- Download Smarthings from the Google Playstore.

- Select "Add a new device"

- And find the smart device you want to connect.

STEP 2) Install/Setup Sharptools

- Download Sharptools from the Google Playstore.

- Go to: Settings>Authorize things(here is where you'll

pay for the additional features).

- Sign in wiht your Smarthings account and add the

devices you want to control.

STEP 3) Install/Setup Tasker

- Under "Profiles" tab hit the "+" icon and select "Event."

- In the "Filter" search bar type "NFC" and select it.

- In the "ID" section hit tap the "search" magnifying glass.

- You will be prompted to scan your NFC tag(tap it)

- You may get a prompt saying "It cannot format."

Ignore this and hit yes, and yes again.


- Tasker will now prompt you to "add task." Select and

look for "plugin."

- In "plugin" look for "sharptools" and select.

- Choose "a thing." or "scene"

- On "Configurations" tab select the "pencil tool."

- Select the device or scene you want to control, from the

drop-down list and choose the command you want.

NOTE: toggle means it will do the opposite command,

example a light on will turn off and vice versa.

- Hit apply

- And you're done!

- Now try it out and see if it works.

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